Sakhnin Tour

Sakhnin is a city that encapsulates the story of the Arab citizens of Israel, their struggle for equality, and the history of their relations with the government. The tour will take visitors through some of the milestones of this history, highlighting momements of pain and hope that affected the entire country. The tour begins at the Sakhnin heritage museum where groups will learn about components of everyday life for Palestinian families, including agriculture, culinary practices and traditional clothing. Groups will then drive to the Memorial of the Land Day events. Land Day refers to the 1976 protests of Arab citizens against the policy of land confiscation which led to violent clashes with the police and resulted in the death of six protesters. At the monument groups will also be told the story of the October 2000 events, which led to a great rift between Jews and Arab citizens of Israel. We will discuss the challenges of building a shared society and promoting equality following the 2000 events. The tour will end at the Doha Soccer Stadium, where the group will hear about the soccer revolution that took place in the city in 2004 when the local team won the National Cup.

Duration: 3-4 hours (depending on the needs of the group)
Costs include tour guide, entrance fees and light refreshments.
Additional “Encounter” – Regular Meal (non-kosher), or Kosher Meal.